Aluminium construction profiles

Ideas with profile based on mk profile technology components.

Profile series

The mk Profile System 2000 consists of four mutually compatible profile series designed for different areas of application. The selection of the profile series depends on the type of application, the load-bearing capacity and design requirements and the spatial conditions on site. Please refer to the following table for details.


  Series 25 Series 40 Series 50 Series 60
Material AlMgSi 0,5 F25 AlMgSi 0,5 F25 AlMgSi 0,7 F28 AlMgSi 0,7 F28
Classic areas of application light frames, showcases, display cases, cabinets, filigree experimental set-ups, measuring and testing equipment, switch cabinets, electronic housings lighter machine frames, protective equipment, assembly workstations, exhibition stands, working platforms heavy machine frames, load-bearing structures machine frames with highest loads, portals
Grid dimensions 25 x 25 mm 40 x 40 mm 50 x 50 mm 60 x 60 mm
Largest dimensions 25 x 150 mm resp. 50 x 50 mm 160 x 160 mm 50 x 200 mm resp. 100 x 100 mm 120 x 240 mm

Connection technology

mk connection technology offers you all degrees of freedom in construction. It is possible to realize 90° connections as well as connections with free angle selection. You will find the most important criteria for the selection of the right connections for your construction in the following table. mk does not use system-specific screws or similar in its modular system. All attachments can be made with standard screws.


  Clamp connectors Angles Corner nodes Plates Clamps
Anti-twist no yes no yes no
Nuts stay clear yes no no no no
Load possibility medium high medium high medium
End machining yes no yes no no

Accessory parts

Accessories from mk fit perfectly into the mk modular system. The extensive range includes floor fastenings, fixed and swivel castors, various control elements, elements for doors, surface elements for protective devices, elements for closing and sealing profiles as well as pneumatic and electrical accessories. Thus, profile constructions can be individually configured according to customer requirements.


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