Article 3.TG


  • Test weights for calibration
  • Screw-in weights in 1g or 3g
  • Version as magnet in 2g

Catalog-# / Description

Catalog-# Order-# Description
3.TG1 1017952A Test weight 1g to screw in (M3), 1x PU = 5 pieces
3.TG2 1017953A Test weight 2g (magnet), 1x PU = 2 pieces
3.TG3 1017954A Test weight 3g to screw in (M3), 1x PU = 5 pieces
3.TG4 1017955A Test weight (magnet, Ø13x8mm), 1x PU = 2 pieces
3.TG6 1017956A Test weight 40g to screw in (30x13mm), 1x PU = 2 pieces

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